Frank’s top five tips on scoring as a midfielder

Get in the mind of a goalscorer

“Work like a striker, think like a striker and train like a striker. After the team training session, practise shooting some more.”

Timing is key

“The key element is arriving in the right place at the right time. You need stamina, talent and natural timing. I used to watch and learn from people like David Platt and Bryan Robson.”

Stay composed

“Composure is the most important thing. If you can stay calm you will finish with quality. The best finishers are very relaxed when they get a scoring opportunity.”

Talk to your team

“Communication is crucial. Work with your midfield partners to forge an understanding. Once you can rely on your team-mates in that way, you’ve got the freedom to do what you want.”

Aim low

“Work on technique. Practise striking through the ball and keeping your head over it so that your shot stays low.”

Article Courtesy of FourFourTwo Performance

By Clare Smith

Twitter @chelsea4girls

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