Exposed: love affair with Frank Lampard

Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that Frank is homosexual; but that I dream of watching Lampard carry on playing forever. What would the team and football be like without Frank and his goals? His presence on the pitch gives a new dimension to every game.

Even on days when he is not at his best, he is better than most. Year in … year out, he continues to give his all to a Chelsea team that has grown in status around Europe. He is happy as leading the midfield, but he is destined not to be the club captain, but he does not mind as he respects and admires his friend John Terry. Even when contemplating coaching the Chelsea team, he refers to the fact that Terry could beat him to it.

There are few players in the game today who display such character and personality like Frank – This great attitude has kept him on top for a long time – and he is still going. When I recently rated him among the top 10 Chelsea players this season, even though many think I was being sentimental. 

He rewarded my faith in him with four goals in two matches – An amazing come back. England fans more so than Chelsea ones have expected so much from this player that they have failed to see the good he does. He is often written off because they expect him to score and win games for the team – It is a complicated affair, it isn’t like there are more than two players performing consistently for the England national side. 

Messi has rarely scored a goal for Argentine senior team and even Ronaldo struggles most times to score for Portugal, and these players are forwards. I just love Frank so much that it breaks my heart when football loving fans give him too much stick – Their hatred only increase my love – I love Frank for them.

Frank has said he still has it in him, and he always tries to prove that on the pitch. He did that with an away hat-trick against Bolton. ‘Goal’ even named him the world player of the week. Let us start to show support for this guy who has contributed so much to the game. He has made the Premier league the most competitive league in the world – of course not him alone – but he did help Chelsea to break into the big four then two.

I would want to be watching Lamps for the next decade and for this to happen I recommend that he comes on from the bench sometimes, allowing to keep him fresh. I know AVB thinks that way too, I would suggest watching Lampard’s attitude on the field.

He wants to win; he tries to help the defence; he gives encouragement to other players; he respects his captain; as well as his opponents; plus he never shouts at the ref. 

Frank Lampard is a genius.

By Stan Blue




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