Chelsea FC – A strong team that is developing

From the coach to the goalkeeper, the defence, the midfield and the attackers there is no doubt that Chelsea have an excellent squad and it is only going to get stronger.

Currently the goalkeepers are reliable, the defense is solid, the midfield is effective and the attack is strong.

It is very good to see that most positions in the squad are being keenly contested, which has led the unavoidable rotation policy Andre Villas-Boas has had to adopt – creating playing chances for the players.

Despite loaning out eight players and selling four, the present squad still provides at least two positions for each position.

A detailed analysis of all areas show that Chelsea have a strong squad:


Cech, barring injuries, will always be the number one choice as he has constantly showed he deserves to be first choice. Turnbull and Hilario are good players but can be quite shaky when they play, so they remain the deputies to Cech. Thiabaut Courtious is someone who will become number one in the future, he is currently on loan at Atletico Madrid, following the young goalkeepers move from Genk.


The Chelsea defence is arguably the club’s greatest asset – The England skipper, John Terry, leads the team. He is a world-class player, someone every teams wants. He is strong, fast, wily and most importantly a great leader, a Chelsea legend.

The right-back pair of Ferreira and Bosingwa are solid. Ferreira has not done enough two challenge the preferred defender Bosingwa who rightfully regained his position (from Ivanovic) after his injury – he has spent the season whizzing down the flanks and posing a threat to opponents’ defence.

In the position of left-back there is the ever-consistent Ashley Cole, a great player who is excellent in defence and attack. Ryan Bertrand is an up and coming young player who will challenge Cole in the near future. Supporting Terry in the middle of defence is Ivanovic, David Luiz and Alex. Alex, as good as he his, is now fourth choice after impressive and strong performances by his competition.


Would you ever have imagined a day without Lampard (bar injuries), even when his form was at the worst he was still better than most – well, that time has come, thanks to the stiff competition in the midfield.

In previous seasons, you would have perfectly predicted the midfield line-up, but the impressive presence of Mikel, Ramires, McEachran, Meireles and Romeu has changed that – the coach now has to pick on form, match fitness and tactics.


This is the most interesting section of the team – There is the pacey and tricky Sturridge, then the slick passes, transitional movement and brilliant displays of Mata. Yes Torres cost £50 million, but he is starting to show why Chelsea paid so much for him, and let us not forget the ever-reliable strength and power of Drogba. There is also Anelka with his beautiful dribbles, dazzling moves and powerful shots and the energetic Malouda plus the future messiah of Chelsea’s attack – Lukaku.


Andre Villas-Boas was appointed by Abramovich in the summer window after successfully winning the Europa League, the Portuguese League (without losing a game) and the Portuguese cups (2) all in a season.

A.V.B had previously worked for Chelsea during the Mourinho era, he is renowned for scouting oppositions’ plan ahead of match day. He is also an advocate of an attacking style of football, a development already been witnessed at Chelsea. 

A.V.B is a delight to watch on the sidelines, he brazenly expressing his emotions for all to revel in.

By Aramide Salako


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