Blues to move for Robin Van Persie?

It is being reported in the Metro today that Robin van Persie has hinted his desire to stay in the Premiership when his current contract with Arsenal ends. This has given rise to speculation that both Manchester clubs are on high alert to take advantage of the Dutchman’s contractual position at the end of this season.

The reality of the situation is that should Arsenal fail to qualify for Champions league football next term and with their club wage cap, at 28 years of age the Dutchman is likely to be seeking to move on to pastures new.

With Nicholas Anelka likely to be playing his last season for Chelsea, the introduction of .Robin Van Persie to the squad would seem an ideal replacement for the loss of the Frenchman’s close ball control skills. Could it be that Van Persie would prefer to stay and keep his settled family in the capital? 

Van Persie is certainly the type of flair player that Roman Abramovich likes and it would surprise me greatly ‘if’ the Dutchman were to become available that Chelsea were not fiercely competing for his much talented services. 

Arsenal will not allow themselves to be placed in the same situation again as they found themselves with Nasri this last summer.I dare say Arsenal fans will be disappointed that Van Persie refuses to talk to the club about extending his current contract at the moment but in fairness to the former Feyenoord player this is likely to be his last major contract (due to his age) and he will realise himself that Arsenal are unlikely to be the club offering him the best deal for his or his families future.

The prospect of linking £50m Fernando Torres up with recently acquired Juan Mata AND Robin Van Persie in AVB’s preferred 4 3 3 formation could be extremely tempting for the new Chelsea manager to provide his new boss with the ‘sexy’ football we all know he craves.. 

By Alan Frank


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  1. we dont need strikers .. or we actually need , if and only if nando isnt back on track cause van persie plays in torres's place meanwhile sturridge and mata on the wings really im loving chelsea with villas boas

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