A.V.B vs Everton …

I can’t wait to see AVB’s game against Everton – they remain a team that constantly gives us a headache. 

The Toffees, Aston Villa, and Spurs are three teams that always trouble us these days as we chase the title. Thanks to Carlo, we have shown that we can get good result against Spurs and Villa, but now it is AVB’s turn to show that we can beat any team.

I know he has done well so far, but I will be more assured if he can show some fight against Everton and get three points. What we need against Everton is something that we need in the Champions League: Extra fight and luck.

Everton do not play against us, they fight us with the confidence that they can get result from the game – just like they did last year. They beat us with ten men, a result that unfortunately sealed Carlo’s fate. 

These players, or most of them, have not enjoyed games against the blue side of Liverpool – And it will take the coach to get them ready for a victory. I do hope he is able to win, after all we are overdue for a victory over them – if that is the case then it could end up like the demolition of Bolton. 

Of course, they know someday things will turn in our favour – Which I hope will happen sooner rather than later as we do not want to slip further behind the two Manchester clubs.

This would be my line up:


Bosingwa Terry Luiz Cole


Ramires Lampard Mata



4-4-2 formation – Sturridge should be the star man in the match, I expect his pace and trickery to be to much Everton’s defence.

by Stan Blue



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