Why Blues passed on Javier Pastore ….

It was reported in the Guardian that Chelsea opted to pass on Javier Pastore due to possible legal implications.
The Argentina star’s agent, Marcelo Simonian, is thought to have visited London for talks about the transfer to Stamford Bridge on 29 July following Palermo announcing that it was a “very likely” option.
But then everything changed, the fans were shocked when he moved to Paris Saint-Germain for €43m, but a case that is currently in Sicilian courts put Chelsea off a move.
The Guardian reported: “In the case Palermo will claim that, when Pastore was still with Argentina’s Atlético Huracán, they ceded a portion of his economic rights to Simonian’s Dodici Sports Management.”
This was followed by commenting that Palermo are set to say there was an agreement that Dodici would get a percentage  of any future transfer fee – But the figure is not clear.
The lastest situation is that Palmero have made a complaint to the Sicilian courts alleging Simonian is “extorting” the money from the club. Not only that, but they are also stating that Simonian told Pastore not to move unless Palermo agreed to pay over 50% of his fee. Naturally, Simonian denies the charge and claims he owned all of Pastore’s “economic rights” until he left the club, thus he is due half the fee.
It is thought that Palermo do not want to pay anymore than £10.8m, it does sound very messy and Chelsea must be pleased to keep their name out of it.
By Scott Balaam
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2 thoughts on “Why Blues passed on Javier Pastore ….”

  1. Pastore is a fantastic midfielder class. Chelsea would have been better off to buy him and enter the transfer money wrangling. We did it before in the case of Kakuta and settled though that turned out a waste. I see no reason we should not have gone for a world class star like that 20 year old boy if we keep dreaming of CL glory

  2. Barcelona has proved to all and sundry that the midfield is the most important part of the squad and we need to identify the very best available and bring them to Stamford Bridge if we want to rival them and win topmost glory.

    The 20-year old Argentine is a fantastic talent and not buying him is a clear recruitment error. We should have gone for him. The transfer problem will eventually be sorted out.

    We have seen over time that our midfield is inept in creativity. Until we compete for the best creative midfield around and get them into our fold, we will always fall short.

    Lampard, Kalou, Mikel, Anelka are good but clearly not good enough for the dreams of Chelsea fans and owner and the team should do everything required to get the best so we can achieve the best.

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