Valencia – Mata to start from the bench

Valencia fans are still smarting from the loss of Juan Mata to us, the draw brings him back after just a month, this time not as a protector but a tormentor. It is going to be a very emotional match, one where I hope Mata shines.
He is a professional, but I am afraid that building the game around him will be a mistake, he has said he will not celebrate a goal against them, which is understandable. I just don’t want the same to happen as it did with Torres’ first match to reoccur.
To play against friends and pals who you’ve played with for years can be confusing. Should I tackle, should I intimidate, should I score? I hope Mata is professional enough to perform if called upon – He is presently a key player in our team.
It will surprise many but I would start Mata from the bench out of respect and tactics, but he would be asub if needed, maybe bringing him in at the hour mark as a tactical play.
This will be my line up.
Bosingwa Ivanovic Luiz Cole
Ramires Lampard
Anelka Malouda
Sub: Mata, Mereiles, Drogba/Sturidge, Terry (if needed)
By Stan Blue




4 thoughts on “Valencia – Mata to start from the bench”

  1. This is ridiculous,how can you put Ivanovic or Luiz instead of Terry,I mean we have a very important game tomorrow and we play Bolton on Sunday as well.Terry should be on the starting lineup alongside Luiz and maybe Brana move into the right of defense.That's my opinion ! KTBFFH

  2. All due respect Stan, what kind of talk is that?

    Mata came to Chelsea to win, not to lose or draw, if he can score, he will. I would. He would lack respect to the club, the fans and to himself if he did not want to score, not want to win. he has so far shown his ability in the game, creating chances, scoring, setting up goals. Mata is a professional. All the fans, and I the first, are already thankful he joined the great club that Chelsea is. He will play, and he will play well. Plus you d leave Meireles on the bench? And there are 7 subs. here s the line up i would love to see.

    Iva Luiz JT Cole
    Meireles Lamps
    Anelka Mata

    Subs. Turnbull, Alex, José, Ramires, Josh, FloMo, DD

  3. I don't care! he must start my starting 11:

  4. I just went through the comments on that article and I am glad it got us all talking. We should talk more often about our beloved club and the players we die to watch. Mata starting from the bench was a sentimental piece, I just didn't want the match to be about him. I want us to get this done and dusted in a businesslike fashion and return home to play for the top of the league.

    With man u and city showing signs of weakness I think our window of opportunity to titles is gradually opening and I hope we take it. Mata is our matra and if we employ him with the element of surprise we can really do damage. Our game shouldn't suddenly become Juan Mata- I just don't like the team being about one individual. This can hurt us when the player drops form or gets injured or carded.

    if we expect Mata or Terry to play every game, I dont think we know the depth of our squad or how really good our players are. Ivan is one of the most consistent defender in Europe presently. he does a tidy but quiet job alongside Terry. And if not for the personality of our great captain the difference would have been obvious.

    Lets hope all our players start to fire up and we win like never before so that at the end of the season we can pop our win and drink over the web

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