Players Ratings – Top Ten Chelsea Performers so far …

After eight matches, six in the Premier League, one Champions League, and one Carling Cup, I have picked my top ten performers so far.
10. Ivanovic: Our defense has not been remarkable this season. My observation is that the coaching crew has  more to do in defensive training sessions. The players are still capable of doing what they have done over the years. Ivan has shown more maturity and I think he is the best defender we have right now.
9. Bosingwa: I was glad we didn’t make the mistake of selling him. He is rapidly showing all the signs why he was named in the Euro squad. His attacking play is however far apart from his defensive; if he jumps like Ivan our set play woes will be averted.
8.Lampard: Not the man of old but he has been solid in midfield. His presence helps to steady the midfielder whenever called upon.
7. Mereiles: I didn’t know how we allowed him to go to Anfield in the first place. I was very upset, but know miraculously he is in our team. I would prefer Mereiles to Modric anyday, such is my affection for the Portugese player. He helps me tell Lampard to rest, he will prove to be one of the best buys of the season. His ability to play for either Mikel and Lampard is why I prefer him to Modric and the coach has not failed to explore this opportunity – I just can’t wait for Essien to return.
6. Turnbull: Rarely used because of the dependable Cech. For two seasons the situation we found ourselves has seen us eleminated early in the carling cup. But by standing tall and seeing Fulham miss a penalty during the match was perharps a boost to going into the shoot out. Even when dependable Lampard had missed, he stood firm and carried us through. I wish he will see more games even with a fit Cech.
5. Anelka: If not for Torres’ current run of form I would say he is our best striker so far. he can play anywhere in front and his unique pattern of play from the midfield makes him indespensable in the team. whether he starts or comes from the bench he is ever productive.
4. Luiz: he should play more – either as a defender or sweeper. I just know he has to be on the field. If Luiz has come up for Mereiles instead of Mikel against United I would have been more optimistic. lets think outside the box with Luiz or we will waste his potential.
3. Torres: He is on fire. he is hungry and angry enough to see us lift the Champions League and Premier League. I’m glad we snapped him from under the noses of the best clubs in the world.
2. Mata: Spurs refusal to sell us Modric finally became a blessing to us. Who would have imagined one of the best spanish youngster playing for us? I must really commend the shrewd business dealings of our management over the summer. Mata has been not just brought a new dimension to our play but his presence in the team makes other coaches spend a lot of time in the drawing board. If not for the workrate of Ramires, he easily qualifies for the best player so far.
1. Ramires: My player so far. He reminds me of Essien whenever I see him running up and down the field. people are just coming to terms with how good he is. Having Ramires is like re-buying a young Essien. There is little difference in their game, maybe because Ramires is smaller. 
Who would you pick as your top 10?
By Stan Blue


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  1. 1) Torres 2) Mata 3) Ramires 4) Mikel 5) Ivanovic 6) Cech 7) Anelka 8) Cole 9) Meireles 10) Sturridge.dont know wat lampard is doing in your top 10,he realy need to step up his game.dont judge on past record

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