Kidnapper Dismissed …

The Nigerian army authorities have sacked a soldier who was found guilty of the kidnapping Chelsea footballer John Obi Mikel’s father in August.
Private Jaduwa Thlama, after being dismissed from the army, he is now in police custody, where he is expected to be prosectued.
Meanwhile Thlama’s accomplice, Victor Essien, who is also in the army sergeant, is being dealt with by a “higher prosecuting authority in line with Nigeria Army military ethics,” according to a statement coming from Nigeria.
After Michael Obi was released following a police raid, he said he had been thrown into a van by men wearing military clothes, who then beat him.
According to the Police, there was no ransom paid to release Michael Obi despite the kindknappers allegedly demanding a 10 million naira ($A60,000) ransom.
By Scott Balaam
Twitter @AStamBridge2Far


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