Chelsea FC: The Future Looks Good …

Well … we have already played four games, which has seen the Blues pick up ten points thanks to three wins and a draw.

During pre-season we only conceded one goal, but since the season has started, we have only kept a solitary clean sheet, was in the opener against Stoke in the 0-0 draw. I was happy with that result, especially as they only lost three games at home last season and beat Liverpool yesterday.

I have a feeling that when our 4-4-2 converts to 3-5-2 very quickly during play Bosingwa tends to get caught out with the position making the centre-back come further right, thus leaving a glaring gap in the middle – And this was how we were severely punished against United last season. Maybe, I am a bit too harsh on Bosingwa as he has been great going forward this season, but we now have Luiz back, someone who can play in the centre with Ivanovic can play on the right which will solve our problem.

I know we all are upset with Torres and Lampard’s form but we should not worry about Lampard as we all know he gets better as the season goes on, and in the game against Sunderland he showed that. I was quite satisfied with his performance and have a strong feeling that he will score soon. As for Torres, I would say he is moving up and down the pitch better than last season but is failing to do what we bought him for – to score goals. In the transfer market we have done some good business by bringing in Mata and Meireles who will provide chances for Torres.

Mata has already shown in his first few games that what he is capable of doing, he and Cole will provide a lot of quality on the left side, Meireles has already provided the through ball to Sturridge that he scored from. We can all see that Mata and Meireles are going to rock at Chelsea and they will surely help Torres return to his best form.

Another factor that we will help succeed is that we have also got a larger squad this season with a new manager and it would be unjustified if we did not give him time to settle.

When he comes to the Manchester club, they are ripping apart every team no matter who they face, but it is very early and we should not jump to any early conclusions. It is hard to forget how well Chelsea started last season, only to crash in November which led to us finishing second.

This season one big plus point, which is that the media attention has totally turned towards the two clubs at the top of the league and this will help us progress as we are lucky to stay clear from the media radar which will avoid all the media hype.

All we need to do is snare three points from each game, and then put in the final touches after March, we have a settled side and with nearly all our players fit bar our very own BISON a certain Mr Michael Essien. We are now in a position to give our young players a chance in the FA Cup and League Cup as there are an excellent bunch in the squad and by playing with experienced players they can develop and bring a successful FUTURE to the club.

So, there is plenty to be excited about, our first major challenge of the season will be at Old Trafford later this month. If we can get maximum points from this match, we will see a team injected not only with changes, but with new (and in the case of some, re-found) confidence.



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