The Kalou Puzzle: A Fanatic’s Opinion

With just ten days left of the transfer window, you have to ask whether Kalou should be sold or sent on loan as it would  create room in the squad. Chelsea fans we have debated repeatedly about the future of Kalou in our team, but there has never has been a consensus – Not even once!

Some think Kalou is vital to the team and has regularly come to our rescue. Others believe he is a squad player and we need someone who can do what Drogba has done in attack. Hmmm … the Kalou puzzle.

Yesterday, he was literally hauled off just like Mourinho would have – I commend AVB for such guts but he must now face the consequence. How will Kalou react? Would he see this as a challenge or a humiliation? If he saw it as a challenge then he can stay and prove himself, but if he took it as a humiliation then AVB should release him for good.

When I saw the line up yesterday, I was frustrated because before the game I have been canvassing for more than three midfielders, especially with midfielders currently playing below par. Starting Kalou and Anelka behind Torres will just make him (FT) a shadow of himself and once I had finished my rantings I left the match venue – not because I didn’t want to watch but I just had to take care of stuff.

When I returned, I was delighted as I found out that kalou has been substituted. A First half substitution, surely not? But it was the right move, and we won. We could have easily won, if we didn’t have to experiment with that. Ancelloti has already done that experiment and it failed woefully! It is time to move on.

I’ve been been compaining alot I know, but it’s just that I am a proponent of the MIDFIELD GAME. I know someone can say lets not pressure the coach; but if we fans don’t who else will with the right motive? The press, other coaches, and fans will pressure him for the own reasons whereas ours is for the right ones – Pressure turns coals into diamonds.

As fans or FANATICS, we have been with this team and players and know them better than Ancelloti, Scholari and Andre. Maybe Mourinho can challenge us so I will leave him out! We are the ones who watch and whilst we can’t play on the pitch or make substitutions, we can fight, shout, celebrate, weep, and bleed for and with the team – I think we have every right to be heard. We love with die hard passion and are not paid.

Our opinion about this squad can’t be overlooked. We may not be trained footballers or coaches but we are intelligent and experienced Statesmen, Civil servants, Ex-service men, Student, parents, lawyers, doctors, Entrepreneurs…

With love for the club as a fan, this is my verdict about Salomon Kalou: Up your game or go on loan… But I would not sell him, as I do think he has a Blue future.

Anelka and Drogba will soon retire, Kalou should automatically step in but he needs to add spark and awe to his game like Sturridge has – This is the reason why I wouldn’t sell him.

A loan him would avoid selection problems which occured during Ancelloti’s era. How would Kalou react if Sturridge and Lukaku gets more game time than him? It is highly likely that if  they impress and score then they will play more which I am certain won’t please him.

Drogba and Anelka should have no problem with that, if anyone should be sold it should be them as they are Chelsea veterans. Preferably I would love to see them retire with us – it’s been a long time we saw someone do a Gary Neville or a Scholes… But if they won’t allow the coach and young ones play then we can’t let them stay.

But Kalou must stay a blue, for now at least. That is my vote, what is yours? Who should go?

By Stan Blue

5 thoughts on “The Kalou Puzzle: A Fanatic’s Opinion”

  1. Well for me Kalou is not the problem and if Chelsea want to get to the level of Man United,the should Change Lampard and bring in someone very creative,a Mildfilder who is suppose to feed his strikers but you will always see him inside wanting to score and his striker will be the one getting ball to pass around,Mikel is doing a good Job trying to feed Torres

  2. Maloudo is also like Kalou at times. They both squander opportunities. Though, thank God, yesterday he scored. Kalou, Malouda and Anelka are too selfish with the ball. They don't pass the ball in time and that is why Torres has been finding it difficult to score.

    All we need to do is to get three more players and we will rule the world. Two wingers and a creative midfielder.

    We need Juan Mata and Eden Hazard as our wingers. And either Luka Modrich or Wesley Sneijder as creative midfielder. If get these players we will rule CL and EPL.

    Somebody should tell AVB to sign Eden Hazard.

  3. I was really upset at how he reacted when he scored the 'offside' goal last season, I can understand his dissapointment of not playing but his attitude left much to be desired. We won and he walked away from the pitch like a little boy who didnt get his way. Add that to the comments he made about Ancelotti, I thought he should have been sold for a dollar just for fun.
    He was given a chance to start against Man Utd…and guess what he brought NOTHING to the game….a dissapoinment in my opinion. I cant find it in my heart to forgive him for his attitude and with his continuous below par performances…falling over, missed passes….the list goes on.
    In my opinion we should have sold him right after the Totenham game for being a non TEAM player. Funny he thinks he deserves to play and start…I dont think he is worth one bit! grrrrrrrr….im still pissed at him!! hahaha

  4. For God sake please lets get this straight….in terms of form ( very important here that we are talking about form and not quality)
    last season he was behind

    Drogba, Anelka, and ahead of Torres and Malouda only because of their( Torres' and Malouda's) very very bad form or time.

    This year as per the current performance hes no where close to the quality and form of

    Drogba, Torres, Anelka, Malouda and Sturridge(definitely)

    hes had enough of opportunities .. hes best game is when he play as a super sub in final 10-15 mins……….He is NOT a player to start with FOR SURE.
    (thankfully i was glad to see after Mourinho some manager quickly changing the formation and the player when things are not working ..if it had been Ancelloti we would have still seen Kalou making useless runs till 60 70 mins to the game …)

    In the last two games we have seen Kalou waste chances, being selfish, not providing the final pass when needed

    So lets stop this discussion on Kalou now that we have new talents like Sturridge, Kakuta and now Lukaku I would say Kalou has had his chance his not upto Chelsea standards the other younger stars deserve the chance now ..plzzzzzzzzzz Kalou has to move on

    PS: please stop mentioning everytime that Drogba should be sold…he's one of the iconic players we have. he totally epitomizes what chelsea is big strong aggresive quality players who scares opposition's defence ..we should make sure he retires with Chelsea, he should be slowly eased out of the role and act as a guiding light to our new breed of stars namely Sturridge and Lukaku

  5. Kalou has to be sold. He has been with us for a fair few years now and I just haven't seen that progression expected from a player who came in as a player to watch out for. No progression cannot be stood for at a club of our stature. Malouda rescued us but he is not the answer. I am reasonably pleased with us being linked to Mata, however, I feel he is a pleyer in the mould of Malouda. I may be wrong. I agree with the Lampard comment, as much as I love the goals – they have dried up and he doesnt pose that same fear factor from outside the area. If we are being honest he is past it and once looked a lot better than he actually was due to the quality we have had in that area of the park. We have no one who can simply pass a ball except for McEchran, a player who I hope has more game time as he is the future of our club. Along with Kalou…MIkel is not good enough! Simple as that! Some fault must go to us for that as he was never a defensive midfielder when he came to us. We need to be more ruthless with players. I regret the Lassana Diarra sale as he could really do a job in that position. I have high hopes for Ramires but he's a runner and full of determination but if there are not players who can just pass a ball what good is he. I know there has been far too much change in recent years but players need to go, especially Drogba, Mikel, Kalou, Anelka (?). Drogba for the pure fact that I believe its the only way to get the Mourinho left overs out and let a manager build his OWN team. I still have faith in the 4-3-3 but we just dont have the players. A right back is still needed as i've never been convinced with him defensively…Van der Wiel? Modric is a must but players like Lampard need to be put in their place. I hate the idea of players having more power than the club and managerment. Big changed are needed! I know this may be all a bit hasty but for this season and espeically in Europe we are just not good enough. And I think AVB is the man for the job! Interested to here what you think.

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