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The Kalou Puzzle: A Fanatic’s Opinion

With just ten days left of the transfer window, you have to ask whether Kalou should be sold or sent on loan as it would create room in the squad. Chelsea fans we have debated repeatedly about the future of Kalou in our team, but there has never has been a consensus – Not even once!



With just ten days left of the transfer window, you have to ask whether Kalou should be sold or sent on loan as it would  create room in the squad. Chelsea fans we have debated repeatedly about the future of Kalou in our team, but there has never has been a consensus – Not even once!

Some think Kalou is vital to the team and has regularly come to our rescue. Others believe he is a squad player and we need someone who can do what Drogba has done in attack. Hmmm … the Kalou puzzle.

Yesterday, he was literally hauled off just like Mourinho would have – I commend AVB for such guts but he must now face the consequence. How will Kalou react? Would he see this as a challenge or a humiliation? If he saw it as a challenge then he can stay and prove himself, but if he took it as a humiliation then AVB should release him for good.

When I saw the line up yesterday, I was frustrated because before the game I have been canvassing for more than three midfielders, especially with midfielders currently playing below par. Starting Kalou and Anelka behind Torres will just make him (FT) a shadow of himself and once I had finished my rantings I left the match venue – not because I didn’t want to watch but I just had to take care of stuff.

When I returned, I was delighted as I found out that kalou has been substituted. A First half substitution, surely not? But it was the right move, and we won. We could have easily won, if we didn’t have to experiment with that. Ancelloti has already done that experiment and it failed woefully! It is time to move on.

I’ve been been compaining alot I know, but it’s just that I am a proponent of the MIDFIELD GAME. I know someone can say lets not pressure the coach; but if we fans don’t who else will with the right motive? The press, other coaches, and fans will pressure him for the own reasons whereas ours is for the right ones – Pressure turns coals into diamonds.

As fans or FANATICS, we have been with this team and players and know them better than Ancelloti, Scholari and Andre. Maybe Mourinho can challenge us so I will leave him out! We are the ones who watch and whilst we can’t play on the pitch or make substitutions, we can fight, shout, celebrate, weep, and bleed for and with the team – I think we have every right to be heard. We love with die hard passion and are not paid.

Our opinion about this squad can’t be overlooked. We may not be trained footballers or coaches but we are intelligent and experienced Statesmen, Civil servants, Ex-service men, Student, parents, lawyers, doctors, Entrepreneurs…

With love for the club as a fan, this is my verdict about Salomon Kalou: Up your game or go on loan… But I would not sell him, as I do think he has a Blue future.

Anelka and Drogba will soon retire, Kalou should automatically step in but he needs to add spark and awe to his game like Sturridge has – This is the reason why I wouldn’t sell him.

A loan him would avoid selection problems which occured during Ancelloti’s era. How would Kalou react if Sturridge and Lukaku gets more game time than him? It is highly likely that if  they impress and score then they will play more which I am certain won’t please him.

Drogba and Anelka should have no problem with that, if anyone should be sold it should be them as they are Chelsea veterans. Preferably I would love to see them retire with us – it’s been a long time we saw someone do a Gary Neville or a Scholes… But if they won’t allow the coach and young ones play then we can’t let them stay.

But Kalou must stay a blue, for now at least. That is my vote, what is yours? Who should go?

By Stan Blue



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