Romelu Lukaku – A Great Signing

The news is that Chelsea have signed Romelu Lukaku, from Belgian club Anderlecht. The guy is the real deal, he is dubbed ‘the new Drogba’ – He is surely the perfect signing for Chelsea.

At just the age of 16, he became the top scorer in the Belgian first-division and is already a full international at just the age of 18. His stats are amazing, he has managed 41 goals and 14 assists in just 98 appearances. Not only that, but he already has a few international goals for Belgium to his credit and was awarded the Belgian Ebony Shoe (given to the best African Player in the league) for his performances last season. With these figures show that the player is something special, not only for the present but for the future as well. Given his age and experience, Lukaku is bound to improve.

Now lets discuss some of the player’s on-field qualities – Romelu is strong, tall and quick. His extraordinary finishing combined with his awareness and positioning make him a perfect striker for a tough league like the EPL. His work rate is also admirable as well his intelligence, If further refined these qualities can make him one of the best strikers in the World in future.

Lukaku is a long-term investment for Chelsea, there are already experienced World-class strikers at the club and they will give Lukaku a great chance to continue to learn and improve. Many fans believe we should not buy any strikers and strengthen other areas like the midfield or the right-side. But Lukaku’s price is just around 20 million pounds which will increase in future, he is a really good investment especially given the price of quality for young strikers these days – In a years time his value could have risen dramatically. Something that will please the fans is that he supported the club when he was growing up, a fact that will increase his chances of remaining loyal in the future.

So the signing of Romelu Lukaku is a win win situation for the club, It is a great signing even if it means one or two current strikers from the squad have to leave.

by: Mubariz Ahmed

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  1. Did AVB watch the Charity Shield? United was simply faster. City’s players picked up yellow cards because of late tackles. Fast & agile is better than big & strong. Most of Chelsea’ players are big, and a few in their thirties are off the pace. Chelsea must get younger, faster, and more agile, or United will win again. I hope Lukaku has these qualities.

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