Ex-Blue BANNED for Life

Adrian Mutu has been banned from representing the Romanian national for life, following discipline issues.
On the eve of a friendly against San Marino, Mutu and West Brom’s Gabriel Tamas went on a private pub crawl, Romania won the game 1-0 but the pair were reprimanded for breaking the rules.
Head coach Victor Piturca said: “The two players have been expelled for life from the national team, it’s a pity but rules are strict and they should have known it.”
Mutu responded with: “We understand Piturca’s decision.”
Chelsea fans will have mixed memories of the Romanians time with the club, on his day he showed pure brilliance but then there was his personal issues which overshadowed such talent.
He left the club in disgrace after being suspended for taking cocaine in 2004, and actually still owes the club 17.2 million euros in damages.
Then in January 2010, he found himself in trouble again, when he was banned for nine months by his club Fiorentina after he failed anti-doping tests.
There was such great hope for the player when he was at Parma, unfortunately he has constantly failed to live up to that expectation and hype.
By Scott Balaam
Twitter @theshed11

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