What is VILLAS BOAS thinking?

I hope it’s not what Carlo thought, the major mistake in Carlo’s reign was that he believed that the team was strong enough to challenge on all fronts. Yet they fell to Newcastle at Stamford Bridge (Carling Cup), then lost to Everton at Stamford Bridge (FA Cup), and went down to an unimpressive Man United side twice (during the Premier League and the Champions League).

Looking at the team at the end of the double winning season, it was obvious we needed to buy and buy a lot. But instead of buying we kept on selling – actually scrap that, releasing players which led to the team failing to win anything. Now the trend begins again, we have released at least four young players, and I am sure there will be more to follow – It’s appalling to a diehard and committed Chelsea fan.

We are tired of all the speculation surrounding new players, it is time to dip our hand into the transfer kitty and get players in so they can start the pre-season with the rest of the squad. Right now we are short for pre-season because of the Copa America game. Ramires and David Luiz will need to have a slow start or they could struggle come the end of the season.

There are players out there to be bought, talk of a move for Bolton’s Cahill have gone quiet – Do we think he is not good enough for us? I don’t think this is the case, I am sure he would jump at it. If we must send Sturridge back on loan to Bolton as I have been hearing (let’s hope our unproven strike force delivers, I would prefer Sturridge to stay until January), maybe part of a deal should see Cahill come to the Bridge.

The delay about the Pastore deal and others in the South American competition is understandable, but what about Lukaku and the other players we’ve been linked with? My concern is that our delay could cost us. As we wait, other clubs circle the players. Surely we can move faster get these players into pre-season preparation?

Or, is it a case our new manager is thinking what the great Carlo thought? Our squad is not the way it used to be, we have experience and strength but we lack skill, creativity and pace.

In my last article I suggested the addition of a right wing player, a keeper, an English defender, a goal scoring central midfielder and “no releasing of any main players”. We need these new additions – not replacements and we need to get them fast, really fast.

And now, we have lost Essien ….

Stan Blue

6 thoughts on “What is VILLAS BOAS thinking?”

  1. I agree, it seems to have been the same thing for a couple of years now when we have said we are going to clear out and replace but end up only weakening. Phil Jones and Ashley Young are two good English players we could have easily had this year, especially Jones would have been really good. Now it is too late and Neymar seems to have gone out the window, Lukaku seem to not be a target of AVB. Hulk has a 91 million euro release clause and looking round its hard to see what players could be realistic targets for us. We cant do nothing, the squad was not good enough last season and unless we make at least 3 very good signings it won't be good enough next season.

  2. The answer to Chelsea's problem is the opposite of what you've suggested. AVB has been with the first team for a week. He is still evaluating the team to determine what is needed. Purchasing every expensive player we're linked with would be a disaster. Patience is what is important here, there is still nearly 2 months of the window left. A lot can happen until then.

  3. come on AVB get this sorted asap, surely you must realise we need to strenghten we need a good right back ie vdw, a centre mid playmaker modric, nasri. at least one wide player n' zogbia, turan, marin, mata. and a striker maybe falcao, lukaku, adeybayor even, i'd say we have to sign at least 4 players espescially now essien is probably out for a while, we need to get these players now so they can do the pre-season with us and get them familiar with the club, you have to this avb otherwise it's a trophy less season again and your position will be on the line, come on chelsea get this sorted for all the fantastic supporters of this club, cfc forever

  4. i can understand that AVB is just waiting and evaluating the team however to me and to everybody else, it is clear what is needed the team now lacks creativity and flair and now the defence is lacking slightly now with the speculating departure of alex. david luiz is a great prospect however his composure lets him down. we should go back to 4-3-3 and get quick creative wingers e.g like arda turan or eden hazard and definately sergio aguero. midfield needs help as lampard is getting on and is not as creative as he used to be or as quick, pastore is key and so is moutinio ramires is also key for his energy, strength and creativity. however i like that avb is not really selling key players to disrupt the team harmony.

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