Was Carlo’s Sacking Harsh?

Well, AVB is here and suddenly everyone has forgotten about the sacking of Carlo Ancelotti.

Carlo, as we all know was sacked after a trophy-less season with Chelsea, this had followed him becoming the first Chelsea manager in our 106-year history to win the double.

For some reason ‘unstoppable’ Chelsea were torn apart by smaller teams last season, which eventually led to the Blues ending the season without a trophy.

King Carlo was not deemed ‘more than special’ anymore, and in due course, Carlo was sacked.

Was his sacking harsh? On one hand, one may find the sacking of a ‘double winning’ manager after a single trophy-less season unjust.

We all know Carlo was constantly reluctant to use our youngsters; a key example of this was when Carlo played Paulo Ferreira at Centre Back instead of using Bruma in the 3-0 home defeat to Sunderland – A move that clearly back-fired.

Likewise, there were many other instances where he could have put more faith in our youngsters. Also, let us not forget that he spent close to 100 million pounds in his two seasons in charge. It could be said that a manager who has spent that much money and failed to deliver a single trophy probably deserved his pink slip.

Having said that it must have been hard for a manager who had won the double and then was forced to lose his number two (Ray Wilkins) mid-season and was not given the appropriate replacements for key players Ballack, Carvalho, Belletti and Deco amongst others. Then there was the Fernando Torres factor, who having been signed by Roman for 50 million had to be played even though he was out of form,

In all honesty, I feel Carlo probably deserved another chance. Was the sacking harsh? An owner who has spent a HUGE amount of money has every right to demand trophies and sadly Carlo failed …

You do not get a second chance when there is £100 million involved; Carlo learnt the fact in an unkind way. 

By Abhishek Easwaran

Twitter @abhi_chelsea

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