Yeah … You heard it right, it is going to be a ‘tricky Tuesday’ for Chelsea, like every week Monday follows the weekend and is seen a miserable day as we all have a week’s work before the next break.

When I look at Chelsea since the year 2000 until now, I see Mondays as ‘Mournful Mondays’, BUT with the appointment of ‘AVB’ as boss, I can see that becoming ‘terrific Tuesday’ but at the moment it is ‘Tricky Tuesday’. Many of you must be wondering why I am classing the pre-AVB era as ‘mournful’ and ‘miserable but the answer is pretty clear, we are like no other club in the World, we have sacked SEVEN managers in eight years and as it stands like the other London club we do not got a deserve to win the European Champions League.

BUT as I said with AVB in charge we there are a lot of positive vibes, he has already made it clear that he has rules and regulations which would be followed. HE also made a strong statement by removing all the manager posters from the manager’s office in Cobham and has said: ‘This is the fresh start now with me in-charge, the future starts here’.

I have taken this to mean: “If we worry about the past, then we can’t move forward’.

Also, there has been new social life regulations introduced at Cobham, where players are now not allowed to bring their families, friends and most importantly agents to the training ground, something that was very common under other regimes. Players have been told they are not to go home after training but to have lunch with all the team-mates at the hotel, something that should unify the squad. AVB said: “Cobham is a training ground and I don’t expect to do anything apart from this in this ground’.

Discipline is must for every player and they are all required to report at 9am sharp, should they fail to be on time then they could be banished from the session. So far, with much relief all of our players are

responding very well – They all understand that AVB has got real power and they feel they owe the Champions League to the club, fans, Mr Abramovich and themselves.

I can now see we are moving in the right direction, we are under strong leadership and whilst we may not be the best as the moment we can be in the future.

By Prashank Rai

Twitter @PrashankRai



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