The Blues Summer Conundrum … Part I

Every summer after the last minute on the final matchday of the season a series of events, which can be best described as fanatic, insane and all those other synonyms.
Yes, I’m talking about the summer transfer window !!! The period of time when football fans start becoming restless because of the lack of football on TV (please don’t  even mention the ongoing Copa-America…. it should be renamed Copa-Boring after seeing the first few matches).                                                                                                                           
The scouts go into overdrive, and as for all those so-called super-agents and ambitious ( read Chairmen and owners of mid-table clubs having their solitary World Class talent) club owners go into frenzy placing ridiculous price tags on their puppy World Class players …. all in all it becomes a total circus!!                                                                                                   
The worst affected are the fans, who are desperate for that marquee signing for their respective clubs, but instead all they are treated with is a deluge of football media who pack their sites and papers with rubbish rumours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
I won’t deny there have been numerous occasions when I have sat in front of a football site and hammered the refresh after every two minutes hoping for a new rumour pops up, linking my beloved club with one of the World’s superstars – but all on vain!!!  This is even though I know that deep inside my heart I know that 99% of these rumours aren’t true!!!. I suppose the reason I and most of you still keep reading the gossip is that we all are passionate bunch and who just cant get enough of this beautiful game!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
By Rahul Tanwar



3 thoughts on “The Blues Summer Conundrum … Part I”

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  2. Just the feeling of a mind-screwed fan. Even I open my eyes everyday on the football rumour sites(literally). Bookmark all rumour sites and enjoy the slightest happiness in seein a player linked with my club. All these agents do is spread the rumours and increase the player value. Anderson was dubbed the next-Kaka b4 ManU signed him. Who's mistake? fergie's or agents or media??

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