Spurs demand a huge increase …

Should the Blues want to sign Luka Modric, then they will have to make a substantial increase in the figures that have been offered so far.

Harry Redknapp has come out in the press and stated: “Everyone wants Luka, Just ask Alex Ferguson what he thinks of him, ask Roberto Mancini at Manchester City – they all want him.

Before adding: “He could play for Barcelona.” 

At the press conference earlier today Redknapp was cagey when asked if £35 million would be enough for Modric he said: “If we were looking at selling, it wouldn’t be my valuation.                                                                                                                                     
And acknowledged: “It’s in the hands of the chairman of the football club, it’s not my decision. I work with him as the coach, but the chairman says he is not for sale so we will have to wait and see.”                                                                                                             
Whilst there are still over 40 days until the transfer window shuts there is plenty of time to bring in new players, but Andre Villas-Boas will want to have his squad together before the season starts.                                                                                                               
By Scott Balaam
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