Andre’s TEN Commandments …

There has been a lot said about new boss Andre Villas-Boas’ plan to make changes to the way things are run at the Bridge.

After just over a week he has already outlined TEN rules which have to be obeyed …

1) Players must be ready for training at 9am, no more excuses for anyone who is late.

2) After training sessions, the players will have lunch together in an effort to get a better team spirit.

3) If there is a break between training sessions then the players will relax together at the team hotel.

4) Players will be expected to speak English at all times, no more conversing in their own language which can develop mini-groups within the group.

5) There are new rules restricting mobile phone usage, reading newspapers and watching TV.

6) If a player wants to get his hair cut then it must be on his own time and NOT at the training ground.

7) There are to be no families allowed at Cobham – This is a professional area where only Chelsea staff are allowed unless otherwise invited.

8) There is a ban on memorabilia of past glories as Andre feels it will hinder their progression towards new success.

9) There are no more free rides, this new squad has no places for people who just want to get bye, it’s a place for people who want to play for the club.

10) It does not matter who you are, you are not getting in this team because you ‘x’ – the best players will be picked and because they deserve their place.

As long as these rules are followed then the future will be bright, next season will be very interesting. I feel we have the right man in charge, he is going to push the players to their best.

By Scott Balaam

twitter @theshed11

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