Another summer filled with speculation, what’s new?

With a new summer, comes new speculation, and a host of new, and some familiar names, being linked with Mr. Abramovich’s hefty purse of gold.

It seems that if you have the cash to splash, then the biggest star’s are automatically on your radar. This summer has been rife with speculation as to who else chelsea would be willing to fork out for, to help boost the squad, and inevitably, reclaim the Premier League crown, and the fabled holy grail, the Champions league. So just who have we been linked with, and just who would actually be a smart move to go for.

Old Boys

With the appointment of Andre Villas-Boas, it’s only natural for the media to link his previous ‘golden boy’s’ with a move to the bridge. Two player’s that have been strongly linked with possible moves have been striker Falcao, and midfielder Moutinho. Falcao is considered to be hot property at the moment, with a great record for Porto, helping them to a treble victory last season, where as Moutinho was also a catalyst to Porto’s success, however, would they be worthy of the bridge? I can’t see where Falcao would fit in, with five strikers already picking up pay cheques, with Torres, Drogba, Anelka and Kalou all fighting for starting places, and the return of the exciting Daniel Sturridge, 

I feel Falcao would be a good addition, but nether the less, a needless addition. However, when it comes to Moutinho, his creative play is something that Chelsea has lacked last season, and is fully the main priority for this season, however, he faces tough competition.

Luka Modric

The Blue’s have been linked with a number of creative attacking midfielders, including a little Croatian lad, that plies his trade over in North London, Modric. Establishing himself as one of the most creative, exciting and electric midfielders in the premiership, Modric is believed to be at the top of Chelsea’s list, and rightly so. Spur’s have rejected a bid from us, and have stated their intention to keep him, but money talk’s, and if a good enough bid is put in, i think Levy should do Modric, Spur’s and Chelsea a favor, and sell him to us.

The South Americans

Keeping on the line’s of creative, exciting talent, Chelsea have been linked with two South American players, the Brazilian starlet, Neymar, who is lighting up the world with his flair and killer instincts in front of goal; if Chelsea were to buy a striker, Falcao should be a second thought to this kid, who has even stated his desire to sign for the Blue’s; lets make it happen. On to another wonder kid, this time the Argentinean midfielder, Javier Pastore, is also believed to be on the blue’s radar, however, Palermo have slapped a huge price tag, of £44 million pounds on the 21 year old, which seems more than over the top for a player so young, regardless of his potential.

A new keeper?

Last but not least, two speculated transfer target’s for Chelsea is the young Belgian goalkeeper, by the name of Courtois, who claims Chelsea are weighing up an offer, and are apparently regarding him as a possible ‘long term replacement for Petr Cech’. This news is one that is welcoming, as Chelsea’s second and third choice keeper’s, aren’t keepers of top calibre.

Don’t get me wrong, Hilario has proven himself a decent second choice, but i just feel that for a club of Chelsea’s stature, Ross Turnbull, and Hilario, mainly due to his age, aren’t good options; so a young keeper that can be developed is always welcome.

And finally, the belgian starlet Lukaku; this kid is a serious prospect, only 18, he’s one of the Belgian league’s top scorers, and one of the most sought after kid’s by all the european elite’s. It’s believed Chelsea are in talk’s with Lukaku’s club, Anderlecht, however, although Lukaku is a self proclaimed Chelsea fan, he has stated that he won’t be joining the king’s road boy’s, as he is focusing on exam’s, and then rejoining Anderlecht for pre-season.

Chelsea have been linked with a host of young talent, and personally, I would love to see Neymar, Pastore, Modric and Moutinho to join, but at the end of the day, it’s all down to our new 33-year-old Portuguese manager, Mr. Villas-Boas.

By Warwick Tuatara

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