No way Jose – Paulo’s in

Following Chelsea’s poor run of form recently – despite yesterday’s result – there is no doubt the defence is the Blues’ weakness. Although many are saying David Luiz is the fault at centre back and he should be more of a striker, I think most our goals we concede are coming from the right hand side; and the heavenly scope of light shines on your Mr Bosingwa. However, I feel I’ve also found the solution in the form of Paulo Ferreira.

Give the man time

When I first started thinking about this piece, I had many thoughts on what I could write about – Roman Abramovich’s off field issues, André Villas-Boas’ questionable tactics, the ‘old guard’ slowly fading away, or the fact that Chelsea would be fronted by Colin Murray and Stan Collymore on a miserable Thursday night on Channel Five (just for the record, I was prepared for it).