Chelsea’s Moises Caicedo fires message to Ecuador teammates ahead of friendlies before Copa America 2024

Chelsea’s Moises Caicedo inspires Ecuador teammates in lead-up to Copa America 2024

Chelsea midfielder Moises Caicedo took to social media after making an impactful performance in the friendly against Argentina before Copa America’s debut. Chelsea’s left-back posted pictures on Instagram with the caption, “Preparation time, let’s go Ecuador IF WE CAN”

The Blues midfielder is set to play a major Copa America this summer before returning to Chelsea as a vital player and the 22-year-old took the time to encourage his teammates in Ecuador before Copa America 2024.

Chelsea's Caicedo inspires Ecuador teammates in lead-up to Copa America 2024
Moises Caicedo’s Instagram post

Last season, the midfielder’s prominence grew to the point where he was the first name on the squad sheet.

Ecuador are favoured to win Group B as they are matched up against Mexico, Venezuela, and Jamaica.

Caicedo, who joined the London club from Brighton and Hove Albion last summer, made 48 appearances in all competitions scoring only one goal last season for Chelsea.

Ecuador set to play 3 more friendlies before Copa America

A long, dry spell by Caicedo before his first goal was the reason for him being the subject of multiple criticisms at Stamford Bridge, as you do not expect such performance from a transfer worth over £100 million

However, his time at the Blues does not define him since his performance during the friendlies was commendable, and the 22-year-old seems ready to make an impact on the international stage.

Caicedo was joined on the pitch by Blues prodigy Kendry Paez as his climb to prominence proceeded. Paez, strangely, switched shirts with Lionel Messi at the end of the game, where Ecuador were defeated 1-0 by Argentina.

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Despite his youth, Moisés Caicedo continues to demonstrate his leadership skills, not only in the game but also when he prevails over his opponents and also complains to the referee when he considers a decision unfair, in a match that at times became strong and stuck.

As the Ecuadorian youngster mentioned in his social media post, he looks forward to COPA America 2024 with a positive attitude. It will be interesting to see how he will unlock his true potential, starting with the new campaign.