Thiago Silva urges teammates to understand what it means to play for Chelsea

Thiago Silva urges Chelsea teammates to step up to Chelsea standard

Thiago Silva has taken a jibe at his Chelsea teammate in his parting message after the Brazilian revealed he will leave the club following the end of the season. Chelsea will host Bournemouth on their final day of the season.

However, Silva, in his second message ahead of the game, targeted his colleagues and felt the season would have ended in a better way had the players collectively stepped up. Chelsea are sixth in the Premier League, and if they secure a win, then they will be guaranteed European qualification.

Silva joined Chelsea in 2020 and won the Champions League in his first season at the club. Despite his age, the centre-back became an integral part of the squad and was the starting defender despite being in his late 30s.

Silva once again sent an emotional message to Cheslea fans and said he would hope to return soon to the club. This time, he also had a message for his teammates. Speaking to Sky Sports, he said:

“And if I have a message to send to the boys that are here today, I hope they understand that everything they did to get to Chelsea has to be worth it. Because the season we’re having is not worthy of Chelsea. It’s not. And I think they have to do more next year; they need to do more.”

Hopefully, his message wasn’t taken in a negative way because, as an experienced player, his every word has meaning, and he means them because what he has seen under new owners hasn’t been up to club standards and the players have not lived up to expectations.

Thiago Silva hopes to see his Chelsea teammates live up to club's reputation.
Thiago Silva hopes to see his Chelsea teammates live up to club’s reputation.

We made it to the Carabao Cup final and the FA Cup semi-final this season, and we would have won both. However, the lack of experience was evident, and Silva wished to ensure that he would leave the club with a trophy and a proper send-off.

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Our players will soon realise the significance it is to wearing this jersey as they mature, and hopefully, we will return the following season a much-improved team that is prepared to contend for every championship.