Alan Shearer defends Mauricio Pochettino, tells how Chelsea can still have a ‘bloody good season’

Alan Shearer feels Mauricio Pochettino has received unfair criticism at Chelsea

Alan Shearer has shown his support for underfire Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino, and he feels the club had a great season under him. The Blues have seen mixed results under him, and as the season reaches its culmination, Chelsea seems to have found their form back.

The Blues’ recent form has set European ambitions as the board believes Chelsea can finish higher up the table despite spending most of the season in 10th place. However, Pochettino remains under scrutiny, and his work will be assessed by the club’s board after the end of this term.

But Shearer believes most of the criticism Pochettino has faced doesn’t make sense given the current state of the club squad and the number of injuries that have impeded his work. Speaking on The Rest Is Football podcast, the former England striker lauded the Argentine season and further said:

“He’s had to take a lot of s*** this season, a lot of it through no fault of his own because we know how it works at Chelsea. I think that was him having a little dig back [at the rumours of his dismissal]. I think he’s done a really good job. They could get sixth place. If he were to get that, it would be a bloody good season for them.”

One can agree with Shearer’s comments because Pochettino has faced a lot of criticism, and some of it has been unfair towards him because people don’t understand the job he took, where he had to manage a team full of inexperienced and injured players. He barely had plenty of resources and had to work with what he had.

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino future will be assessed after end of the season.
Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino future will be assessed after end of the season.

However, there are other instances in which he was unable to establish the ideal balance within the team to outperform them. but he has at least discovered it, as seen by Chelsea’s recent performances. They deservedly won all three of their matches, which they dominated.

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After remaining the entire season in eleventh place, Pochettino has made enormous progress and transformed the mentality of the team. We can yet make amends; we have turned things around and should win these final two games to secure a spot in the Europa League.