“He is doing well”- Mauricio Pochettino answers if Chelsea’s Cole Palmer needs new contract after just one year of transfer

Mauricio Pochettino feels Chelsea star Cole Palmer deserves new contract

Mauricio Pochettino comments on Cole Palmer, indicating that with his current performance for Chelsea this season, the former Manchester City player merits a new contract with a hike in salary.

As per the report, the 21-year-old exploits for the Blues have convinced the club board to provide the forward a salary increase. Palmer has been riding high on form, scoring 13 goals in the Premier League since coming to Chelsea.

He has thrown off everyone by scoring goals consistently for the Blues. The Blues believe Palmer has outstanding qualities and the potential to be one of Chelsea’s future stars. They are aware of Palmer’s skill.

The Blues have been astounded by the England international performance, and now Pochettino has made his feelings clear regarding the Palmer contract. Speaking to the media ahead of the Manchester United match, he said via Football.London:

‘’He is a player who is doing well [Palmer]. No worries that the club believes they need to compensate or reward a player; the club is going to do so. He’s playing football, which is why we brought him. He is doing well, but always the idea when we sign a player is to perform how he is performing.’’

Palmer deserves a hike in salary!!

Chelsea wants to give Cole Palmer a hike in salary. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)
Chelsea wants to give Cole Palmer a hike in salary. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

Palmer was a very unlikely player to become well-known right away, so Chelsea believes they struck the jackpot when they signed him. He has been a reliable player for us and is now a valuable member of the team who can have a significant impact. The Blues will do all in their ability to hang onto him and provide an increase in salary.

Since money is a constant motivator in every speciality, his salary boost should inspire other players to keep up their current standards and perform better in the game and they will certainly also get a hike in wages.

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However, given his youth, we should keep him humble and avoid keeping him on a pedestal and instead place more emphasis on his personal growth than his contract. He’s doing great and will do even better. He possesses the ability to challenge for the Ballon d’Or in the future.