Chelsea rank 16th in key PL defensive stat that shows club is lacking in one department

Chelsea stand 16th in most tackles made in Premier League this season

The Premier League website reveals Chelsea stands 16th in most tackles in the league, which highlights the club’s poor defensive record in one of those areas. The Blues have been the most subpar side when it comes to defending, conceding one of the most goals.

The players’ inexperience on the pitch has resulted in many poor mistakes being made, which has led to goals, and is the main cause of the Blues’ defensive issues. The primary characteristics of defenders are the judgements they make in defence.

If he were a novice defender, they would undoubtedly make bad mistakes that, depending on where he makes the tackle, may result in fouls or penalties. However, an experienced defender would know how to make timely blocks on opposing players.

Numerous players on our team enjoy frequently tackling. Whether or not a tackle is made in a timely manner, Moises Caicedo is one of the defensive midfielders who consistently make tackles. He enjoys making interceptions, so with time, he will hone his tackling skills.

Only flawless tackles that won’t result in a foul or a red card for our player qualify as good tackles. Our defence, which has given up goals with ease, has been our biggest issue. We have won a lot of games this season, but we have also steadily conceded goals due to our mediocre defence

 Wesley Fofana continues his rehabilitation. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Wesley Fofana continues his rehabilitation. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Our defenders will inevitably develop into excellent defenders once they work on their mistakes, including the capacity to make timely interceptions, if they continue to work well. In terms of total tackles, we are ranked 16th, which is undoubtedly not optimal for us.

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But with time, it will get better, and once our whole team is fit and we bring in more experienced defenders for the upcoming campaign to help other young center-backs develop, we’ll be among the league’s best defensive teams.