Mauricio Pochettino confident of bright future at Chelsea, regardless of his fate

Mauricio Pochettino feels if he doesn’t win Premier League with Chelsea another manager will

Mauricio Pochettino has expressed lofty aspirations for Chelsea, aiming to clinch the Premier League title with the club in the future. However, he acknowledges that if he falls short of this goal, he expects his successor to eventually achieve success with the team.

Under Pochettino’s leadership, Chelsea has maintained a respectable position in the league, currently occupying the 11th spot. Their immediate objective is to secure a spot in European competition before setting further goals. However, their chances of achieving this target this season appear complicated following a lackluster performance in a recent 2-2 draw against 10-man Burnley.

The main obstacle facing Chelsea has been their inability to sustain momentum, making it increasingly difficult to secure positive results in matches and adding pressure on Pochettino.

However, Pochettino believes he can win the Premier League with the club; but if he doesn’t he hopes another manager should, speaking to the media via Fabrizio Romano via X, he said:

“We want to win the Premier League. Yes, one day we will. But if not, for sure another coaching staff will win it because this process needs to happen. Our fans need to understand it is a new project with different ideas.”.

Mauricio Pochettino feels if he doesn't win Premier League with Chelsea another manager will.
Mauricio Pochettino hopes to win the Premier League with Chelsea.

Teams frequently undergo managerial changes, yet some clubs opt to maintain continuity with the same coach despite inconsistent performances. This approach allows coaches time to build a squad that aligns with their vision and requirements. Pochettino’s desire to win the Premier League with Chelsea is ambitious, but given the current circumstances, it may take time to realize.

Chelsea’s gradual progress can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the team comprises many young players, which suggests a potential for growth but also implies a learning curve and development period. Additionally, injuries have plagued the squad, disrupting consistency and impacting performance on the field. Considering these challenges, achieving Pochettino’s goal of winning the Premier League may be more feasible in the next season rather than the current one.

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If Pochettino fails to achieve significant success with the current squad, it’s plausible that another manager could step in and potentially achieve positive results. However, this scenario seems improbable due to the myriad flaws within the team. Addressing these issues would likely require significant time and effort from any manager, potentially spanning multiple seasons.