“I don’t want any controversy”- Chelsea loanee Romelu Lukaku answers if he wants Roma stay after summer

Chelsea loanee Romelu Lukaku answers if he wants Roma stay after the summer

His response to the question about his future at Chelsea reflects the desire of Romelu Lukaku to avoid controversy and maintain a diplomatic stance. The Belgian striker, who previously stirred up controversy during his time at Chelsea is cautious about making any definitive statements that could lead to further controversy.

Lukaku’s initial comments about an unhappy period at Chelsea caused a stir in England, resulting in him seeing himself sidelined from the first-team setup for a period under then-manager Thomas Tuchel. While he later issued an apology for his remarks, the incident led to his loan spells at Inter Milan and subsequently Roma.

During his loan spell at Roma, Lukaku has enjoyed a successful season, contributing 18 goals and four assists in 35 appearances across all competitions. His impressive performances have reignited discussions about his future and potential return to Chelsea.

Romelu Lukaku is a flop at Chelsea, if that wasn't clear by now already.
Romelu Lukaku is a flop at Chelsea if that wasn’t clear by now already.

However, when asked about his desire to stay at Chelsea, Lukaku chooses to tread carefully, emphasising the need to avoid controversy and maintain a diplomatic approach. Here is what he told Pagine Romaniste exclusively:

“I don’t want controversy with England, I have to be smart (laughs, editor’s note).”

Let’s call it quits, Rom!

Let’s be real. His time at Chelsea is most likely over. Now, as Lukaku finds himself thriving on loan at Roma, his comments about his future at Chelsea reflect a desire to navigate the delicate balance between personal expression and professional diplomacy. His humorous acknowledgement of avoiding controversy back in England demonstrates self-awareness and astuteness in managing his public image and relationships with his former, or in this instance, parent club.

Where was all of this self-awareness in the UCL final, Rom? For Lukaku, returning to Chelsea may not be the ideal scenario. His time at Stamford Bridge, while filled with valuable experiences and opportunities for growth, may have run its course. The ship for the 30-year-old Belgian international to return to Chelsea has long sailed.

In light of Chelsea’s recent financial losses and the need to balance the books, selling Lukaku to the highest bidder may be the most prudent course of action for manager Mauricio Pochettino and the club’s hierarchy. While Lukaku is a bloody good player, his return to Chelsea may not align with the team’s current priorities and strategic objectives.

Romelu Lukaku is better suited at Roma under Daniele De Rossi.
Romelu Lukaku is better suited at Roma under Daniele De Rossi.

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Ultimately, the decision to sell Lukaku will require careful consideration from Pochettino and the club’s leadership. By evaluating all options and exploring potential suitors for the Belgian striker, Chelsea can ensure that they make the best decision for both the team’s future and Lukaku’s career prospects.