Negative Characteristics Online Poker Players Should Leave Behind This New Year

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time to leave behind all those bad habits holding you back.

From poor bankroll management to overplaying marginal hands, there are plenty of negative characteristics an online poker player can develop over time which can have a detrimental effect on their success at the tables.

Therefore, if you’re serious about improving your skills and taking your game up a notch this year, it’s essential to identify these harmful traits and make sure they are left behind.

This article will examine the negative characteristics online poker players should leave behind this new year!

Poor Bankroll Management

Poor bankroll management can be incredibly costly for any serious online poker player. It should be something players should aim to leave behind in the new year. Properly managing your finances is one of the most critical skills needed to play and succeed in poker at online sites, as it can help protect you from going on tilt or chasing losses when playing with real money.

Utilizing a dedicated bankroll plan when playing online lets you determine when to play, how much to play with, and at which stakes, as it allows you to play with higher confidence while also helping you play within your means. It will enable players to make smarter decisions and generate better long-term results by investing their bankroll into games that give them the edge over their opponents.

Professional poker players everywhere prioritize proper bankroll management before sitting down at any game–novice players should do the same this new year if they want to take their play seriously and maximize their success this year.

Not Paying Attention to Opponents

If you play poker online, it’s essential to be mindful of your opponents during every hand. Paying attention to your opponents’ play style and previous hands can play a significant role in helping you make good decisions.

Not paying attention to your opponents often leads to costly mistakes, so if this is something you have been doing when playing online poker, it should be something you leave behind this New Year.

Remember that while on the virtual tables of the various online poker sites. Nothing is stopping you from studying and applying data-driven strategies. Doing so will aid in making much more logical and beneficial decisions in the long run.

Not Reviewing Hands

While playing poker online may be a popular pastime, experienced players should try to avoid certain habits. One of the biggest mistakes is failing to review your hands after each play session; this small action can provide invaluable feedback on how well you play and point out areas that need improvement.

It is especially true when playing on multiple online poker sites, as each site has advantages over others.

Additionally, for serious players who play for real money, not reviewing their hands consistently can be the difference between success and failure over time. As we enter a new year, leaving behind the habit of not reviewing your hands in online poker games may be one of the best resolutions you can make!


Tilting is often used to describe how players play when their emotions take over. It can refer to angry, overly aggressive, or even passive play. Online poker players should work to leave this negative characteristic behind them this new year and approach play in an emotionally controlled way.

Playing poker online at reputable sites involves risk since the play is virtual, and you cannot personally interact with other players. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your emotions in check, as they can directly impact the outcome of the play or your financial position. Taking time out if needed and following bankroll management principles will help to maintain objectivity and reduce tilt-related issues over the long term.

Overplaying Marginal Hands

Online poker has become more popular than ever, and more players are flocking to play poker online. Unfortunately, playing marginal hands one after the other is a negative characteristic that some online poker players tend to fall into. While sometimes the luck of the draw may be able to allow these players to acquire a pot, it rarely will in the long run.

Online poker players should leave behind bad habits like overplaying marginal hands this New Year. Otherwise, they risk giving away money to more experienced players at the table. Doing research beforehand and taking time between decisions can help play smarter and reduce the risk of overplaying marginal hands in future play.


By leaving these negative characteristics behind this New Year, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful online poker player! You can become one of the most successful players at the tables with discipline and practice.