Mauricio Pochettino makes up his mind regarding Swiss ace’s future at Stamford Bridge

Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t consider Denis Zakaria a part of his plans at Chelsea

Denis Zakaria isn’t in Mauricio Pochettino’s plans for Chelsea FC’s upcoming season according to Fabrizio Romano on Twitter.

The Swiss player moved to Chelsea on loan from Juventus and signed a contract that included an option to purchase for an estimated £26 million. However, he will return to Juventus after playing just sparingly for the Blues this season.

The 26-year-old only made 13 appearances for the Blues, and the majority of those came under Graham Potter’s tenure since Frank Lampard didn’t give him any playing time. He will now return to Juventus where a decision on his future will be made.

Other Chelsea midfielders also see uncertain futures as well because Pochettino is expected to reduce the team’s bloated roster. The former Paris Saint-Germain manager is expected to start working for the team on July 1, ushering in a new era.

It’s unfortunate that Zakaria was not allowed to play enough even though half of our midfielders were injured. This shows that Pochettino was unable to determine whether he would be a good fit for the team moving forward. Despite his poor spell in England, Zakaria is a talented player and should succeed elsewhere.

Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t consider Denis Zakaria a part of his plans at Chelsea. (Photo by -/IKIMAGES/AFP via Getty Images)
Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t include Zakaria in his plans for next season. (Photo by -/IKIMAGES/AFP via Getty Images)

And this demonstrates that the 51-year-old will be brutal with the players and their performance moving forward. There will no longer be an amicable manager who is easy on the lads in the locker room.

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Since Pochettino will have much more influence over decisions regarding players’ futures going forward, the players may have already received a hint that the vacation is over and the real business is about to begin under his leadership. This is reasonable because the manager is aware of which players can fit into his system and which ones cannot.