Pundit backs Bundesliga ace to move to Chelsea despite prior Premier League allegiance

Frank McAvennie backs Chelsea to sign former Liverpool star Sadio Mane

According to Frank McAvennie, former Liverpool star Sadio Mane should have no problems moving to Chelsea in the upcoming summer transfer window.

The Bundesliga attacker is wanted by Chelsea, and the Blues are ready to submit a bid for his services. The Senegalese ace joined the German giants from Liverpool for a cost of £35 million plus add-ons last summer. But the 31-year-old has performed unsuccessfully, and Bayern are thinking about moving him on.

Incoming Blues manager, Mauricio Pochettino, is prepared to bring the former Southampton forward to Chelsea. Additionally, Mane is reportedly open to making a comeback to the Premier League to work with the Argentine following their spell together at St Mary’s.

And pundit McAvennie has backed Mane joining Chelsea. When asked if Mane is ready to join Liverpool’s rival club, he told Football Insider:

“I do not think players bother about that. I know people will say it is not about the money with Mane, but it is because he gives a lot of it away. I do not think there is that allegiance anymore. I could not do it.”

“From Liverpool to Chelsea, it is not really as big a problem nowadays. I would love to see him back at Liverpool because they have missed him. He would do a great job at Chelsea. And we have seen this again when prominent players join rival clubs.”

Mane admittedly was a superstar at Liverpool and was among Jurgen Klopp’s key players. He is, however, not in his prime anymore and has lost that extra bit of pace that made him deadly. Chelsea could land a big name should we sign him but it is questionable if he is still the same player who blitzed defences at Anfield.

Frank McAvennie backs Chelsea to sign former Liverpool star Sadio Mane. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)
Sadio Mane wants to return to Premier League. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

McAvennie has made a point here: there are big rivalries in football, but now players don’t see them anymore. They will be willing to join rivals in order to revive their careers. Carlos Tevez is one of them. He joined Manchester City after helping Manchester United win the Champions League.

And one of Luis Figo’s most contentious moves was his pledge to Barcelona that he would never join Real Madrid, which he ultimately did. Mane’s doesn’t quite fit the same narrative but we can see the point that McAvennie is trying to make.

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Joining Chelsea may or may not be a wise option. Mane can play as a striker, and from the left flank, Pochettino may have a plan for him if he is supporting his move.