Chelsea F.C. Women: The three reasons behind their success

Now that Women’s Football is experiencing a growing popularity amongst fans and is becoming more mainstream than ever, English female clubs are taking the up road. Chelsea F.C. Women are gaining a place both in the hearts of football lovers and in the minds of sports bettors, especially for those who follow UEFA  Champions League and love to wager on big sporting events. 

The popularity of women’s football is evidenced also by the fact that going through various online bookmakers and sportsbooks including and other non-UK platforms, one will certainly find betting markets for female football clubs and generally bets for women’s sport. 

Chelsea F.C. Women are leading all the hype around female sports games and particularly around female football matches. Let’s see what it is that makes them such a good team, by counting the top three strengths of the club. 

1. They are playing hard, yet pretty safe at the same time and they have minimized their vulnerability

Chelsea F.C.Women are now boasting their exceptional performance that has led them toward success. They are more solid now, they have greater and more consistent defense and also an effective offense. 

They are backing all possible threats and they don’t look vulnerable, as they did in the past. They now parade at the top of bookmakers’ favorites for most matches. Chelsea F.C. Women have gone too far simply by leveraging their own capabilities and skills on the field and getting a bit more aggressive than they used to do before.

A big part of the club’s successful performance lately is owed to the team formation, which gives greater flexibility to the football players and allows them to move in and out, leaving no unattended spaces, while in the meantime obtaining an advantage over their opponents. This is what happened with Lyon on the 30th of March!

2. The club’s management

Emma Hayes has shown her capabilities and her strengths as a manager of the Chelsea F.C. Women in the last 11 years or so. She has built a very strong, committed and dedicated team, ready to give everything they have got to dominate the field. Although Chelsea F.C. Women have proven to do exceptionally well even during her absence, it is largely the fact that Emma Hayes retains a vital role as the backbone of the club and drives its remarkable run through all those years. 

She is a unique resource and a valuable asset of the club and there is nobody that can deny her contribution to the development of Chelsea F.C. Women into one of the best clubs both domestically and internationally.

3. A highly talented squad 

But the biggest strength of all, the one that has led Chelsea F.C. Women to the top is the talent itself. They have managed to put together a pool of so many talented football players and so many skilled female athletes, that it is unthinkable to talk about Chelsea and not appraise their squad and its qualities. 

And it is not only the individual players themselves, but the entire team climate and team spirit that builds up a collective ability to give exceptional performance on the field. They have a strong, committed culture that is oriented by the drive towards success and by the motive to continuously achieve targets and objectives. They do a great job as a team and they have incredible cooperation which leads to absolute coordination of efforts and resources!

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