“The stigma”- Chelsea defender opens up on mental health concerns

Chelsea star Ben Chilwell feels players should talk more about their mental health

Chelsea star Ben Chilwell describes how missing the 2022 FIFA World Cup due to injuries caused his mental health to deteriorate. He adds that the prejudice associated with mental health “has to vanish” after speaking about the treatment he received during his injury hiatus.

Before the showpiece event, the left back injured his hamstring and was forced to withdraw from the competition. He made a full recovery from his injury in February, and England manager Gareth Southgate called him for this week’s qualifiers against Italy and Ukraine.

Ben Chilwell opens up about his mental health.   (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Ben Chilwell opens up about his mental health. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

He was joined in this, though, by Chelsea right-back Reece James, who also sustained a knee injury before the competition. Speaking to BBC, he admitted that he visits a therapist and advised the other players to do the same in order to break this taboo.

“I’ve been talking to someone for a few years now. I think the stigma around it is really silly, especially with men and men in football in particular.

“The way it has helped me, it can definitely help everyone. The stigma around it is something that needs to go.”

“You have got to be resilient, be strong, and try to come through it. That is the way I have tried to look at the injuries I have had and spin them into positive situations where I can better myself mentally and physical.”

The fact that players are reluctant to discuss their mental health when it may benefit other athletes is quite unfortunate. Several football players have spoken about their mental health and how it has impacted them. Psychology graduate student Robin Gosens has been outspoken about mental health because he believes that society treats it as though it is irrelevant and that it is still taboo.

Robin Gosens has a degree in psychology.
Robin Gosens has a degree in psychology.

Angel Di Maria, the 2022 World Cup winner, has also mentioned how his mental health deteriorated during the lockdown since the athlete had insomnia and depression.

The incessant criticism of fans and online trolls, which has a negative influence on players’ performances and puts them under a lot of stress, is just one of the numerous things that can harm a player’s psychological health.

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Because they are ultimately human and not machines, these things also need to be taken into consideration and given priority.