New Chelsea owner candidate receives backing from NBA chief and Facebook co-founder

The race to become new Chelsea Owner: Larry Tanenbaum agrees to join Steve Pagliuca in his bid to purchase the Blues

According to Sky News, NBA chairman Larry Tanenbaum has joined forces with Steve Pagliuca to buy Chelsea Football Club. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is also thought to be backing Pagluica along with Raj Ganguly, who is the co-founder of B Capital Group.

The profile of these men could prove to be an influential factor in the race to purchase the Blues. The West Londoners have enjoyed great success across Europe and England in the past two decades. We now usher into a new era and hope to reach even greater heights with our new ownership.

Apart from the co-owner of the Boston Celtics, consortiums led by Todd Boehly, the Ricketts family, and Martin Broughton, are the remaining contenders to take over from Roman Abramovich. Mr Pagliuca owns a major stake in the Italian side Atalanta but could be forced to offload them should he win the bid to purchase Chelsea.

Larry Tanenbaum backs Steve Pagliuca in a bid for Chelsea
Larry Tanenbaum backs Steve Pagliuca in a bid for Chelsea

The competition to purchase the Stamford Bridge outfit intensifies with every passing week. It is believed that the remaining bidders have until the 14th of April to submit their final offer to Raine Group, who are in charge of facilitating the sale for Chelsea.

The takeover will then be handed to the Government by 18th April so that the club can be given an amended licence in order to start functioning at full capacity once again. With new developments almost every day, it can be difficult to keep track of what is going on at the club.

A four-horse race

Keeping these developments in mind, it is highly likely that we would have new owners at the club by the end of April. Chelsea could be viewed as a lucrative asset for any of the people who are involved in the consortiums that are going head to head for its purchase.

Steve Pagliuca's group is one of the remaining four bidders for Chelsea.
Steve Pagliuca’s group is one of the remaining four bidders for Chelsea.

The addition of such high-profile names only goes to show the kind of global status this club has managed to create. That being said, the Blues enjoy a huge fandom across the globe. Thus our future owners could see a significant boost in their own profile, paving the way for some pristine luxuries.

While it may be easy to look at the commercial aspect, one must keep in mind that our new owners should value the ethics and principles on which this club was born. They should also help integrate people from different cultures and walks of life while handling one of the most successful clubs in the world.

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On top of that, basic knowledge and passion for the sport should be expected by the fans from the people that own their club- or at least the ones that are in the position to make decisions. If not that, then a willingness to assimilate themselves with the club’s culture and a desire to connect with the fans through football is something that would be expected and appreciated by the Blues faithful from whoever gets to buy CFC.

Chelsea has risen from the ashes on different occasions and it is only fit that the new owners understand the love and connection we have with this club. We hope that this new partnership can prove to be the start of another illustrious chapter in our history.