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Billionaire explains why is he ‘very upset’ over missing deadline for Chelsea ownership bid



Roman Abramovich is the owner of Chelsea. (Copyright: Adam Davy)

Ownership hopeful Muhsin Bayrak ‘very upset’ after missing Chelsea bid deadline

In an interview with Reuters as quoted by Football London, Turkish Billionaire Muhsin Bayrak has conceded that he is very upset after a bizarre error led to him missing the deadline to bid for the ownership of Chelsea.

Roman Abramovich, the long-time owner of Chelsea, was sanctioned by the UK Government and saw his assets, including Chelsea, frozen as a result. The club has been up for sale, with the deadline for potential bidders to submit their bids elapsing on Friday.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is set to sell the club
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is set to sell the club. (Getty Images)

While many potential suitors have managed to submit their bids by 9pm Friday night, Muhsin Bayrak has failed despite previously claiming that he had a 90% chance of succeeding in the venture.

Speaking to ODA TV some time ago as quoted by Football London, the Turkish tycoon said,

“The world believes we have a 90% chance of completing the deal. Abramovich thinks the same.”

Bayrak admitted that he missed the deadline, blaming the failure to submit a bid on his company AB Group Holding. He claimed that he was ‘very upset’ by what had happened.

The new era?

Roman Abramovich’s glittering trophy-laden reign as Chelsea boss is coming to a sudden end. The Blues are about to embark on a new era at Stamford Bridge under new ownership.

Roman Abramovich has led Chelsea to great heights.
Roman Abramovich has led Chelsea to great heights.

A few weeks ago, there was a lot of noise around the future of the Blues but now slowly things seem to be taking shape. The potential owners who have managed to submit their bids before the deadline will be waiting to know their fates and on who would get to take over at Stamford Bridge.

Any new owner coming to Chelsea has a huge legacy to follow and fill in and will have to match the lofty ambitions set during the Russian’s era. If the new owners are similar in their ideologies as compared to Abramovich, then the transition period for the Blues will be easy.

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There are still a lot of issues left to be resolved but there seems to be a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel. The Blues will be hoping that it is the beginning of something special despite Bayrak now seemingly out of the running.

But that doesn’t mean bad news for us entirely, as there is clearly no real shortage of buyers for us. It is even being said that Abramovich can influence who gets to buy Chelsea next, and given his love for the club and eye for success, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to presume that he would try to ensure the ownership of our team goes into safe hands.

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