Three fans arrested for unaccaptable chants following Wolves vs Chelsea

Three arrested for homophobic chants following Chelsea vs Wolves

Following the homophobic shouts during Chelsea FC’s 1-0 loss to Wolves at Molineux, three people have been detained. Frank Lampard suffered his first defeat during his second stint as Chelsea’s temporary manager, giving the club little cheer on the field.

After shouting by Aston Villa fans on the London transportation system last Saturday, Chelsea fans were attacked for the second consecutive weekend, prompting the stadium announcer at Molineux to offer repeated cautions to spectators about homophobic abuse.

During games, it has been normal practice for the opposition to target Chelsea supporters, and the offenders have not yet received harsh punishment.

Three arrested for homophobic chants following Chelsea vs Wolves. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)
Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

Following the loss to the Wolves, (h/t Independent), the Chelsea official Twitter page denounced the homophobic slurs used by Wolverhampton Wanderers’ supporters.

“Chelsea Football Club finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour totally unacceptable. It condemns the homophobic chanting by some home fans at Molineux this afternoon.”

“Chelsea will continue to work closely with Chelsea Pride and the broader football community to eradicate these vile chants from our game.”

This resulted in the Premier League also posting on their social media accounts and condemning homophobic insults. There is no place for such chants in footballs and fans of all clubs including ours will do well to remember that.

“The homophobic chanting heard at the Wolverhampton Wanderers versus Chelsea fixture today has no place in football or society.”

Three arrested for homophobic chants following Chelsea vs Wolves.
Chelsea condemns homophobic chants.

It is quite unfortunate that we still witness these things in football, and many of those who continue to target specific gender groups ought to face harsh punishment because they believe that football is not for everyone. The regulation that this game is open to everyone, regardless of sex, ethnicity, or community, should be put into effect.

The other genders undoubtedly feel uncomfortable with this chanting, and even the players who have come out would feel vulnerable, and this will make them fear coming out again.

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We need to realise that today there are more than just two genders, and homophobes need to let go of their prejudices.

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