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Pundit tells Chelsea to hire former Tottenham Hotspur manager for ‘instant results



Jose Mourinho during his time at Chelsea. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

Glen Johnson suggests Chelsea sign Jose Mourinho for instant results

Since Graham Potter took over as Chelsea’s manager, the atmosphere there has changed somewhat. Thomas Tuchel’s shocking dismissal came as a surprise, but Graham Potter’s hiring seemed upbeat.

After seeing how he elevated Brighton Hove & Albion to the level of a competitive Premier League team, expectations were high.

A couple of successful runs turned into misery as the team hasn’t triumphed since beating Crystal Palace. Now that the Blues are losing games, pressure is mounting on the former Swansea City manager to take measures.

Following Chelsea’s loss against Southampton, some fans are screaming for Potter to be fired, while pundits are offering names of alternative managers who they believe can turn the situation around at Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho has won three Premier Leagues with Chelsea.
Jose Mourinho has won three Premier Leagues with Chelsea.

Moreover, a former Chelsea defender has advised Boehly to hire Mourinho, whose management style can enhance the team’s performance. He told OLBG (h/t Football.London) that Mourinho is the ideal manager for fast results and that he will also capture the interest of all the players.

“If he replaced Potter, Jose Mourinho would walk through the door and get all the players’ attention, and they would be close to winning the league within three years. But Mourinho would not be sticking around for five years, so it all depends on what the Chelsea owner’s project is.

“If they want success instantly, then Mourinho is their man, but if they want to compete for the next 10 years, then Graham Potter is your man.”

The fact that Mourinho is successful at AS Roma when he won the Conference League in his first season as the Serie A team, is proof that he can produce results quickly and efficiently. That, and the fact that he made us into the powerhouses we are today when he first became our manager in 2004.

Having managed Chelsea more than once and taken home three Premier League titles, he is well-versed in everything at the club. But, the Portuguese manager has not been the type of manager who stays with a team for more than five years.

Graham Potter during his time at Swansea City.
Graham Potter during his time at Swansea City.

Boehly is apparently aware that this is a long-term project that will take time, and the club’s poor performances under Potter would not have an impact on his job at Chelsea. Mourinho’s name is one that will grab instant headlines if he becomes our manager for the third time.

The former Real Madrid and Inter Milan boss can provide quick results, that is for sure. But it’s best if we aren’t trigger-happy as we were in the Roman Abramovich era and properly see what Potter has to, and can offer. If it doesn’t work out by the end of the season or perhaps by next winter, then alternatives should be considered.

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But until then, let us wait and see. Instead of judging Potter on the results right now, it would also make sense to judge him on the basis of how he is managing and moulding our youngsters.

If he is here for the long run, let us assess him on the basis of things that will actually aid is in the long run, because if he is doing the basics right and turning youngsters into world-class players, then the results will come automatically.

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