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Chelsea considering ending sponsorship with Three after end of season



Chelsea's US owner Todd Boehly looks on.

Chelsea hoping to find new sponsors by the end of the season

Chelsea are in talks over changing their shirt front sponsor, which is Three. As the club looks to make more money through new sponsors,

The announcement comes as the club (h/t The Telegraph), aims to attract additional sponsors to enhance their commercial earnings, beginning with the next season as the team looks to make more signings.

The club is rumoured to have little interest in continuing their new sponsorship, and Todd Boehly appears to outperform their $120 million deal, which was negotiated in 2020.

Although neither the club nor the sponsor made any statements, it is already known that there will be new sponsors for the upcoming season.

Chelsea's former owner Roman Abramovich.
Chelsea’s former owner Roman Abramovich.

When the UK government slapped sanctions on Roman Abramovich, the former owner of Chelsea, because of his close ties to Vladimir Putin during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Three companies suspended their sponsorship of the team.

Last season, the team was compelled to cover sponsor Three, but it proved difficult because the company’s cooperation box was not utilised.

Due to the sponsors’ suspension of their sponsorship during the club’s difficult period, which had an impact on the club’s finances, this also incited Chelsea supporters to protest against the sponsors.

However, Three resumed its sponsorship after Todd Boehly took over the ownership of the club. Tom Glick was appointed as the new club’s president, and Chelsea have reportedly seen tremendous revenue growth.

Todd Boehly wants new sponsors after the end of the season.
Todd Boehly wants new sponsors after the end of the season.

Additionally, if the club is successful in securing a valuable sponsor, it will boost our economy, enabling us to sign more players and maintain financial fair play.

The club did suffer major financial losses following Chelsea’s sanction, and we were unable to add any players in January. However, Bohely has made it clear that he intends to improve both the club’s financial situation and squad as well.

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And in the future, it’s possible that our club will have the same kind of financial success as wealthy clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United.

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